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Frequently Asked Questions about PSHRA-VA

Q. What do I need to do to join the Virginia Chapter?

A. Complete the membership application on the Join us page.

Q. What benefits do I receive as a Virginia Chapter member?

A.  Virginia Chapter members have access to a variety of professional development and networking opportunities. As a chapter member you are eligible for a discounted registration rate for learning events. You will receive e-mail newsletters designed to inform you of upcoming learning events, announcements about chapter members, innovative human resource initiatives in local government throughout the state, legislative updates and the latest from PSHRA at the national level. Virginia Chapter members are also automatically affiliate members of PSHRA. As an PSHRA chapter affiliate member, you will receive the weekly electronic HR Bulletin, which was rated as one of the most valued PSHRA benefits in a recent membership survey, and the PSHRA member rate for all professional development activities.

Q. Are there monthly meetings?

A. No, in order to reach out to members in all areas of the state, the Virginia Chapter offers professional development and networking events in each region (north, central, east and west) at various times during the year. Each region has an elected representative who is responsible for planning events in response to the interests of members within that area. The Chapter also holds a conference annually.

Q. How do I receive notice of chapter events?

A. Members are notified via the Chapter’s electronic mailing list. Events are also posted on the chapter web site.

Q. What opportunities are there to become involved in the chapter?

A. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities for Chapter members ranging from serving as a board member or committee chair to assisting with a special project or professional development event. Contact any board member for more details. (link to board contact information)

Q. If I am an PSHRA member am I automatically a Virginia Chapter member?

A. No. Virginia Chapter membership is an additional fee of $50 annually for an individual membership. Membership runs from July 1 – June 30 each year.  There is no requirement to be an PSHRA member before joining the Virginia Chapter.

Q. There are several people in my organization who want to join is there a group discount?

A. Yes, the Virginia Chapter offers 5 organizational membership options. Visit our membership page for more information on the organizational options available, including the number of members allowed per level and the cost. Individual memberships may travel with the member. Organizational memberships will remain with the organization.

Q. What happens to my membership if I move to another organization?

A. If you have an individual membership, it goes with you to the new organization for the remainder of that chapter year. If you are part of an organizational membership, it does not move with you. Organizations may substitute another individual. Membership update information should be emailed to 

Q. How do I get certified as an IPMA-HR Certified Professional or IPMA-HR-Certified Specialist?

A. To be eligible for certification you must have the required combination of education and experience and successfully complete the written exam. The exam can be taken online or at the conclusion of the Developing Competencies for Human Resource Success Training Program. The training can be done online or through an instructor led program. Recertification is required every 3 years. For more details on certification go to

Q. Do chapter events give me credit towards recertification as an IPMA-HR-Certified Professional or IPMA-HR-Certified Specialist?

A. Yes. Credit is given for participation in chapter, regional or national professional development events. The amount of credit is based on the length of the program. In addition, recertification credit is also given for serving as a member of the Chapter Board of Directors or as a committee chair.

Frequently Virginia Chapter events are also approved for recertification credit through HRCI.

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